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Business History:

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10. Are you involved in any community projects? (School teams, non-profit organizations, charitable contributions)

Business Workflow:

1. What are your business hours?

2. What products or services do you sell?

3. What products or services provide the most profit?

4. What products or services do you sell the most?

5. How many employees does your busininess have?

6. How long does your purchase interaction with your customers usually last? (Per sale, Large purchases, subscriptions or renewals...)

7. How long does the average shopper stay in your store/place of business?

8. What are your 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, and 5 year objectives?

Business Finances:

1. What is your closing ratio of walk-ins?

2. If you divide your advertising budget by your number of walk-ins, what is your average cost per walk-in?

3. What is your average profit margin?

4. What is your average ticket sale?

5. What item(s) yield the biggest profit?

6. What is your payroll? What percentage of gross sales?

7. Do you have commissioned salespersons? What is their commission?

8. What is your gross business income yearly?

9. How long can your business stay open with no income?

Advertising Details:

1. How much do you currently budget for advertising monthly?

2. What percentage of your total budget is:

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Direct Response

Other (please specify)

3. How much of your marketing budget is co-op funded?

4. What percentage of your gross sales is applied to advertising?

5. What is your Brand Reasoning? What aspect of your business do you advertise, and why?

6. Do you have copies of recent ads you could send us?

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